ABOUT US: Value Proposition

Digiprotek delivers consistent value to its customers by focusing on the critical elements for business success: Viz., Quality, Cost, Schedule, Reliability and Sustainability - Be they for identifying a solution or a consulting assignment. These are factors are embodied in all our processes and form an integral part of customer requirements / project specification.

Digiprotek has developed a unique and proprietary working model that represents the critical success factors for any initiative to succeed and deliver business results and that includes an offshore component. We refer to this as our R.E.D model that embeds Risk management, Engagement and Delivery.

We break the elements of our R.E.D. model further. For example, our Risk Management Model is centered around a five-stage approach to managing risks. It is a structured mechanism that provides the needed visibility into issues that threaten a project's success. The five stages of moving up a risk management map are Problem Solving - Mitigation - Prevention - Anticipation - Opportunity. The Risk Mitigation plan itself is based on an approach that emphasizes effective communication as the centerpiece of issue resolution.

Our Engagement Model varies from client to client and is dependent on the scope of the project and the assignments and the level of complexity. The model includes components for on-site assignments, as well as the elements for complete turnkey solutions. The engagement models have an in-built de-risking mechanism that guarantees the success of projects based on the level of engagement. The three most crucial elements needed for a project - namely, People, Process and Specifications are tied into the engagement model coined the - model. The ability to manage and mitigate risks improves as the engagement progresses and the relationship matures through the various stages of engagement.

Our Delivery Model guarantees quick turnaround by effectively taking advantage of different time zones of our operations. On-site champions and offshore project leaders insure that a project's deliverables are met without compromising the strategic goals of our customer's organization. Our delivery model utilizes the strength of a highly flexible and scalable team that grows with the need of the client and leverages the learning of team members. The project team and its project leader and the identified team champion from the client's side play a critical role in the success of the project. The deliverables are clearly documented and progress is monitored via WIP (Work in Progress) charts as well as milestone update charts. Quality metrics are an integral part of any project and important for our continuous improvement process.