ABOUT US: History

The Company got its start in the 1990's with the establishment of operations in Singapore and later in India, as a distributor and Valued Added Partner of various semiconductor components and systems vendors serving the automotive, telecom, Industrial and multimedia industries.

As business evolved and with growth coming from the start up and initial activities, Digiprotek expanded by offering value-creating services and started to offer customized solutions at both the PCBA level and complete embedded solutions to serve the Automotive, Industrial, Retail and communication domains. Its regional presence in India expanded with the opening of sales offices in the key cities of Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

With the growing interest in USA in offshore design, development and manufacturing, the company found itself in a unique position to leverage its expertise and global experience. The North American office was opened in 2001 and was initially focused on consulting assignments and after a rapid growth in activities in a relatively short period, a technology and delivery center was established in Bangalore, India in 2005.

Our strength is built on strategic partnerships with global, best in class companies that provide not only the capability to offer complete solutions at competitive prices, but also for its innovation and reputation as path breaking organizations that introduce cutting edge technology and solutions for a variety of domains.