SERVICES: Product Distribution

The product distribution business of Digiprotek is built around a very simple proposition. To bring in world class technologies and solutions at a competitive price (NOT THE LOWEST!!) and to offer significantly additional value added services to aid in the implementation of the chosen solutions.

Digiprotek constantly scan and pan the market place to identify companies and OEMs to add them to the portfolio of solutions that can be almost a single point solution. We do not want to carry the most number of companies on our line card nor do we want to offer only the cheapest source. We chose to offer complementing solutions from various manufacturers that are best in their class and also do not compete with each other.

Below is the current list of manufacturers and solution providers that we work with proudly and the list keeps growing.

  • ROHM Semiconductors
  • Lapis Semiconductors
  • Seiko Semiconductors
  • Sun Fair Electric and cables
  • Hamlin
  • G-LEAD
  • Tysso
  • Seiko Instruments
  • Softbaugh
  • AEE batteries
  • EVE batteries
  • Bixolon
  • Vissim
  • Win POS

Digiprotek and their partners deliver end-to-end solutions for the following applications:

  • Automotive electronics: Reed switches, EEPROMS, CPUs, Clock ICs, Crystals, RTC etc..

  • Hand Held Terminals: ARM based CPU, finger print sensors, memories, Thermal printers

  • GSM/ GPS based solutions: GSM quad band modules, GPS receivers, antenna, accessories

  • Kiosk/Ticketing/billing/Retail: ATM/Kiosk printers, complete systems, Interface boards, CPU

  • Medical equipment: CPU, memories, thermal printers, interface boards..

  • White Goods Solutions: Speech processor, memories, MEMS, RTC, CPU

  • Industrial Solutions: CPU, memories, RTC, Thermal printers, GSM modules, LCD modules