SERVICES: Consulting

Our Philosophy
When it comes to consulting, the approach taken by Digiprotek is somewhat radical and very much off the beaten track.

It is always the case, where the ideas themselves or that the strategy chosen by a particular company is wrong, it is almost always a case of poor implementation that leads to the failure of the project.

Our philosophy towards business consulting is very simple. If our client does not see a direct improvement in the top line and bottom line, we don't get compensated. Period. No Questions.

Why do we need consultants or external companies to advise you? Simple. You need someone who has the credibility and no vested interests to tell you objectively if the chosen path for the business will lead to the results expected for all stake holders.

This is where we come in. Digiprotek and its key employees have more than 100 years of combined working experience and most of it in running successful enterprises and turning around the loss making entities into profit generating and growth oriented entities.

The Process
We engage with clients in the small to medium size enterprises, where the focus of our efforts is in understanding the client’s business today vis-à-vis the market and the industry they are in and to provide an objective assessment of where the gaps are and what the possible solutions could be. If the client accepts the solution proposed, Digiprotek then become a part of the monitoring and implementation process and our compensation is determined by the success of the implementation.

Digiprotek deploys a host of proprietary tools developed in-house to work with the clients in a step-by-step approach driven by proven processes and measurable and actionable items. Custom tools are developed together with the client’s inputs and needs and deployed as part of the implementation framework.

Areas of Engagement

  • Product Design & Engineering Consulting
    • Product Concept Design & Engineering
    • Electronic Design & Manufacturing
    • Project Management consulting
    • Embedded Design & Development
    • Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
    • Business Process reengineering
    • IT & Software Development - Project Consulting
    • Embedded software development
    • Project Management Consulting using CMI
    • Project Outcomes & Independent Monitoring

  • Business Consulting
    • Strategy Development & Outsourcing
    • Market expansion and Development
    • Apps Development & Multi Platform
    • Innovation process & Framework
    • Custom Business Applications
    • Overseas Expansion & set up
    • Business restructuring

Digiprotek offers consulting in the above areas either as a continuous engagement model or a project driven model. Irrespective of the nature of engagement, our philosophy overrides the contracts we enter into and if our clients don't profit, we don't.

Our areas of expertise is in the field of automotive electronics (after- market products & services) like Vehicle tracking systems, fuel level sensing systems, Deployment of GSM / GPRS / GPS based telemetry solutions, Mobile computing solutions such as Hand Held Terminals for ticketing, POS, retail banking, utility billing etc. This is further complemented by offering best in class hardware and component solutions from World renowned names. (a part of the distribution business)